Castle Hotel Location & Directions
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Castle Hotel Location & Directions

The hotel is located on a hill just outside the historic center of Marianske Lazne, and is surrounded by the lush forests of Bohemia.

Access is easy by car, through the well organized railway, by bus or walking. Also easy is the link between the hotel and the airports in Prague, Nuremberg (Germany) and Munich (Germany).
For guests who would prefer to hire private transportation, we can provide service through local rental companies.


Mineral waters of the region, which are rich in carbon dioxide, have proven beneficial health properties, and are well known -since the 16th century- for treating diseases of the gastrointestinal, digestive and urinary system, and for enhancing the metabolism. The therapeutic water drinking therapy includes drinking mineral water 2 to 3 times a day, on the advice of the supervising physician.

Distances from the Castel Hotel by car in km:

Marianske Lazne- Prague Airport: 1 h 50 min approximately / 166 km. (Via the D5 / E50).
Marianske Lazne- Airport Munich: about 3 hours / 272 km. (Via A9 / A93 motorways).
Marianske Lazne- Nuremberg Airport: 2.5 hours / 189 km. (Via A6).


Marienbad - Transport

Marianske Lazne is about 150 km away from Prague and has a good road network and a well organized transport infrastructure. Rail and bus links are regular and the fare is rather low. Of course, there is the possibility to hire private transportation (car or minivan), a service the hotel can also provide.

Traveling by car

The main road is the international highway D5 Plzen, and after exiting the highway, the distance from the exit is 28 km from to Marianske Lazne (direction Plana exit 128). Starting from the international airport of Prague (Ruzyne Airport), the road transition lasts for no more than two hours: 1 h. and 44 min. (166 km.) through D5 / E50.
For those departing from Nuremberg Airport (Germany), the distance to Marianske Lazne is 2.5 hours (direction Weiden- A6, A93, Tirschenreuth), while from Munich Airport (Germany) the road transition lasts 3 hours (direction Regensburg, Tirschenreuth (A9, A93).

Rail transportation (Railway station-Praha Hlavni Nadrazi)

The railway links Prague to Marianske Lazne a few times a day, and the routes (direct for most) begin early in the morning (from 05.30 to 21.00). The road transition lasts 2.5-3.5 hours.
Indicative fares (from 13/12/2015 to 10/12/2016)
1st place: 18 € / adult, 9 € / child
2nd place: 14 € adult / child € 7

Travel by public bus from Prague

Bus transportation from the international airport Prague Ruzyně Airport is regular, with two departures daily, passing through Zlicin (about 4 hours and 14 minutes / 6 € - € 9)
Bus transportation from Prague's Main Railway Station is daily, with many departures. The shortest connection lasts 4 hours and 50 minutes [a distance of 219 km. / MeinFernbus FlixBus (Bus 083), STUDENT AGENCY k.s. (Bus 141103), Autobusy Karlovy Vary, a.s. (Bus 411310)]

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