Hotel's Restoration
Castle Hotel's Restoration Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel

Hotel's Restoration

The long period of years that had passed since the construction of the building combined with inadequate maintenance from owners and managers that were once in charge, left some scars on the hotel, affecting somehow its former glory - interior decoration and beautiful frescoes. In many cases the damage was pretty considerable, but luckily restorable.

In 2008, the new owner of the castle, envisioning the revival of the once top hotel in the region, took up the renovation work and the enormous economic cost. The best craftsmen and the finest materials were chosen: various types of wood from Indonesia, pink marble from Verona, Italy, white marble from Greece, green and pink onyx from China, furniture from Italy and Egypt.

castle restoration
History of the Castle Restoration
With great respect to the history of the building, the architects completely retained the original design and interior decoration, maintaining the several frescoes from the 16th century on the walls of the halls.

castle renovation
Castle Renovation
Upon completion of the work, in 2014, the renovated castle had regained its unique atmosphere again. Perhaps the spirit of Rubezahl did help, by fulfilling the owner’s wish to regenerate the building and restored the “giant's” statue at the same location within the park, where it originally belonged.

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