Mythology - where wishes come true
Mythology Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel

Mythology - where wishes come true

Guardian of the mountains, the Gentle Giant Rübezahl - the guardian on the border of the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, is one of the most distinct mythological figures of the mountains of contemporizing Europe.

This unique “personage” devoted to the guarding of the mountains describes the development of the idea of a defender of the high mountains from archaic pagan mythology, through the cultural influence of the Italian prospectors and Alpine lumberjacks of the High Middle Ages, to literary fame in the 17th and 18th centuries that ensured the immortality of this character.

rubezahl sculpture

He physically changes shapes and forms, he can take any form he wishes from an old granny to a giant crossing his mountains with one step. His 3.5 meter sculpture carved from a single piece of stone was erected close to the future building of Hotel Rubezahl by unknown forces a centuries before. Historically his task kept on extending from a demon causing storms and heavy snow, he evolved into a guardian of the poor people living in his mountains.

The Magical Place where wishes come true.

It is said that he will test you any time to know whether your heart is pure (ex. meeting you as an old lady asking for help) and if you do, you’ll be shown the way to the treasures hidden deep inside his mountains. The statue of Rübezahl still stands in the hotel park area and in accordance with the legend, after the rite, fulfills any wish, the main thing is that, it should be asked by a man who has a good heart. It is known that there are many people whom wishes have been fulfilled by Rübezahl.

Farytales Castle

He is hero of many films and even, a lovely TV series for children exists. Whatever illness you may have, Rübezahl may heal you with the plants from his garden. Today it is a protected area as many rare plants grow there.

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