Castle Hotel exclusive cuisine

Since its opening at the beginning of 20th century, Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Wellness Hotel attracted the elite of the ruling class and the economically powerful of the time, who flocked there for holidays and social contacts. Soon, it became a place of political and social gatherings where famous politicians, composers, historians, writers, and royalty could coexist with each other in the luxurious halls, the restaurant and the café, and enjoy hearty meals overlooking the park.
Nowadays, as then, the hotel represents a point of reference in the region for hosting guests from all over the world -and regulars from nearby regions, who enjoy their lunch and dinner at the hotel's restaurant and café-, as well as social events and gatherings.
At the Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort’s restaurant, the a-la-carte menu is enticing. The rich gastronomic journey is accompanied by fine Czech and other known wines from our wine cellar. In the cafeteria, guests and regulars enjoy coffee, tea and cakes throughout the day.
All the spaces stand out for their refined design and decoration and the extremely attentive staff take care of every detail to perfection, to fully satisfy guests' needs.

Café - Bar


Having fully recovered its former glory and classic style, the hotel's café has become a great place to enjoy lunch, drinking the famous Czech beer, coffee or tea accompanied by local sweets, while overlooking the park which offers a great view.




An outstanding hotel like Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort could only have an equally outstanding restaurant, which indeed is considered as one of the best restaurants of Marianske Lazne.


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