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Golf as a sport was introduced to The Czech Republic in 1898, when the first players started to engage in the sport at Císařská louka area (The Emperor's Meadow).

Within a few years, the first nine-hole golf course was built in Karlovy Vary, followed by a second 9-hole one at the area of Marianske Lazne, which was inaugurated by King Edward the the 7th, on August 21st , 1905. In 1923, it was extended to an 18-hole course and since then the famous Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne, which is close to our hotel, brings together players from around the world who get to enjoy their favorite sport surrounded by a magnificent landscape.

castle golf club
The golf season runs from late March to mid-November.

Entering to the Royal Golf Club

Customers of Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel and Wellness Resort can also enjoy playing or learning how to golf. Hotel staff will arrange for transportation, equipment rental and tickets for entering to the Royal Golf Club of Marianske Lazne.

royal golf club
Royal Golf Club

Guests who stay in our Castle hotel get 15% discount at the Royal Golf Club.

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