The Castle Hotel

Surrounded by the national park “Slavkovsky forest” and located on the hill overlooking Marienbad, this magnificent castle seems, as if it has sprung out from the pages of a fairytale, taking us on a journey through time to the history that resonates in its luxurious halls.

Hospitality in Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel Wellness Hotel is provided in 43 luxury rooms with tasteful interior design and separated into 10 categories: Single, Double Junior, Double, Double Superior, Double Mezzanine, Double Mezzanine Superior, Suite, Royal Suite, Family Suite and Presidential Suite. All rooms are differently designed. The décor is classic and the rooms have been refurbished with the utmost respect to the historic architectural details. The furnishings are sophisticated, combining the past with the present and reviving the glorious days of the hotel, when the majestic spaces invited wealthy elite from the beginning of the 20th century to enjoy "royal" services and amenities.

The Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Wellness Hotel houses one of the best restaurants in the area, ideal for dinner offering tasty and delicate dishes, creatively touched by the chef and his team. Furthermore, guests can enjoy lunch, coffee, pastries or drinks and cocktails in the Café-Bar.

The hotel has been distinguished as one of the best Castle/Schloss hotels in Europe.

Modern facilities of the Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort incorporate an exceptional historical conference hall for corporate and business meetings, social events and receptions.

During their stay, guests can take part in a specially designed wellness program that includes rejuvenation and detoxification services, therapeutic drinking mineral water, healthy food, sports activities and a variety of outdoor activities.

The hotel has free parking.

History of the Castle Hotel


The castle-hotel "Rubezahl-Marienbad" was built in the early 20th century by one of the most famous Viennese architects, Arnold Heymann on top of a green hill, where according to legend, lived the “Lord of the Mountains” of the ancient Germans, the giant Rubezahl, who was worshiped by the natives of Silesia and Bohemia.


Hotel's Restoration


The long period of years that had passed since the construction of the building combined with inadequate maintenance from owners and managers that were once in charge, left some scars on the hotel, affecting somehow its former glory - interior decoration and beautiful frescoes. In many cases the damage was pretty considerable, but luckily restorable.


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